Menu Layout

Optimize Menu Design to Drive Ticket Ring

The flow and placement of items on a menu or menu board, including the imagery used, can have a tremendous impact on the customers you attract and what they ultimately order. That impact is manifested in product selection and average ticket price. Most restaurants depend on attitudinal measures when testing these solutions, exposing respondents to a menu or menu board and asking them how appealing it is. Attitudinal measures are, of course, important, but they should never be used in isolation – not when it is efficient to obtain behavioral measures as well.

DI obtains these behavioral measures by testing alternative menus in our DiningIQ virtual restaurant environment revealing which strategy maximizes product mix and average ticket price. Participants visit the virtual restaurant (either in-store or drive-thru) and order as they would in a real world scenario. After ordering from the menu, specific diagnostics are performed to complete the purchase-picture.

DiningIQ-Menu Layout is an effective and proven tool that answers:

  • How does menu layout impact mix of orders across the menu and total ticket ring? Are diners spending more? Is there a higher share of orders on the most profitable menu items?
  • How does menu layout impact noticeability of key items, ease of ordering, and overall brand equity?
  • Will the new menu design attract new target consumers while maintaining current base diners?

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DiningIQ Solutions

DiningIQ Solutions

During our 30+ years of research for restaurants and food service, we have discovered a multitude of factors that affect how and what customers order. Ultimately that impacts product mix (proportion of orders across menu items) and average ticket price.

Strategies for Food Service

There are three primary strategies to growing sales in the restaurant world: 1) Attracting new customers, 2) Enticing current customers to visit more often and 3) Motivating current customers to spend more during each visit.

Best-in-Class Restaurant Research

While traditional research can address new and repeat business, a DiningIQ menu-order exercise also measures behavior to gauge the effectiveness of strategies on average ticket price.