How We Work

How We Work

Decision Insight brings a strategic, deliberate approach to all client engagements. From exploring white space for new products, to testing new packaging and arrangements, to building consumer decision trees, to determining the best options for product placement in the online market-space – DI approaches each client engagement with a specific end in mind: Actionable research results that resonate with Shoppers in the retail or digital marketplace.

Our work process follows a specific path, one that we’ve found to provide the most effective client outcomes. It’s a process that’s mindful of the rapid pace of today’s market – with a close eye on tangible value for every dollar spent.

“How we work” can be broken down into four distinct components, markers of progress on a time-tested, technology-powered research path dedicated to broad exploration and specific, actionable results. One that begins with passion to answer a short, yet complex, client question: “What if?”

Take a deeper dive into the four sequential “tenets” that guide our work philosophy below:

Discover | Create | Validate | Activate

How We Work


Successful journeys begin with clearly defined destinations – when the DI team engages with clients, we begin with a critical review of where our client has been and where they want to go, in order to map out a path to successful activation in the marketplace.

Diversity of skills, experience, and shopper expertise is core to DI. We consciously staff our client engagement teams with professional diversity to benefit initiatives through multiple perspectives from seasoned practitioners. The DI team works together to think through problems creatively – never afraid to challenge the status quo, and always willing to craft a custom solution to meet your organization’s specific needs.

It’s become abundantly clear that Decision Insight plays well with others. We’re frequently recommended by other trusted suppliers and consultants and, more and more often, our clients ask us to manage projects that include relationships with complementary suppliers in specific areas of expertise. We believe this is a natural outgrowth of our client-first mentality and our commitment to this approach has led us to branch out into many new areas and methods, all driven by our clients’ needs.

As a trusted strategic advisor with vast shopper experience, clients frequently engage DI to collaborate, discover and recommend the best approach to address their most important business issues.

And if a needed approach doesn’t yet exist, we gladly create it together.


Discover > Our Insights

Discover within an organization usually requires a catalyst. At DI we have a diverse team of skilled research professionals who are well-versed in the navigation of complex research questions and work together to create custom solutions that address our clients’ most important business issues.

The combined “tribal knowledge” of a modern-day corporation can be astoundingly powerful – yet stubbornly reclusive. Disciplined listening can sometimes be the path to bold discovery. We listen, we discover, we create, we analyze, we interpret, we discuss – then provide a recommendation to answer the specific business questions.


What does “Create” have to do with research? For many shopper research firms, often very little. But Decision Insight is much more than a shopper research firm. We consider our work to be a blend of art and science. From methodology and design to how we communicate results, DI engages consultatively throughout with your unique needs at the forefront – shaping methods, research design, and our communication.

Many suppliers provide narrow answers to specific questions. But isn’t your time better invested with a strategic partner who instinctively asks the right questions to generate new ideas and create value?

With DI, the conversation doesn’t start with a review of where we’ve been. The engagement is about our client and their unique challenges, not us. And despite our track record of technological innovation, experience tells us it’s never really about the technology, which must be subservient to the persuasive story we create together.

By engaging in this way, we deliver what you value most: Results.


Create > Our Insights

Decision Insight has the team and the track record to help you develop winning retail strategies. Our experts regularly consult with clients in category growth strategies – including creating solutions to develop the overall category as well as your specific category leadership role.

We employ a number of methodologies and pride ourselves on creating customized solutions and research approaches to test and validate retail strategies. Translating research insights into marketplace success requires a team that can translate insights into activation. Our team will literally create a new approach based on your unique needs and objectives.


DI research and insight specialists roll up their sleeves and dissect the chosen consumer mile-markers along the path to purchase. All within budget, all at the speed of retail. In short: We’ve got this, and we do it well.

We build. We refine. We recruit. We test. We observe. We discover. We measure. We report. We validate. Our entire suite of ShopperIQ research tools – including virtual retail shopping – are designed to provide the go-to-market confidence level required in today’s competitive retail world.

Decision Insight has a rich toolbox of proven methodologies from which to choose. And our staff of tenured industry professionals works with clients to precisely create the most cost-effective program to gain the insights needed to succeed in-market.

We create controlled experiments using realistic store environments to provide our clients predictive analytic insights that enable success in the marketplace. Measuring the impact of retail strategies in the context of the retail environment is key to our success.

A few of the ShopperIQ tools we regularly use to validate:

  • Packaging
  • Merchandising
  • Pricing
  • Aisle Flow
  • Arrangement
  • Assortment

From new product development to brand extensions and maximizing category sales, DI has the tools to test and validate market tactics and the skilled consumer behavioral insight professionals to reliably interpret the gained results.


Validate > Our Insights

Every year in every company there are a limited number of high impact initiatives that must go well to make the business plan. These may be the “big bets” – perhaps with innovation, with a high risk / high reward profile. Or they could be associated with one or more of the Four P’s, that bear a significant weight on enterprise P&L.

In such cases there’s too much at stake to simply roll the dice. Especially since Decision Insight is finely tuned to provide you with the affordable and timely guidance you need – complete with quantifiable validity – to make wiser decisions. Why? So we can better help you “make your number.”


At DI, we do more than interpret test results; we turn market ideas into marketplace impact – the big breakthrough. Influencing purchase. Connecting with the consumer. Translating insights into activation with breakthrough communication tools. And wasn’t that the objective in the first place?

Our strategic planning professionals know strategy and they know how to implement. To fully solve any shopper marketing challenge and inspire behavioral shifts, execution is paramount. Creating an end-to-end sales strategy means educating the sales team along with successful retail activation.

Gaining buy-in and support from the retail channel is less of an obstacle with visualization video demonstration tools from DI. Multimedia materials with communications efficacy are the critical link to taking consumer-tested and proven research results to impactful marketplace rollout.

DI regularly works with clients to create dynamic sell-through materials to gain buy-in from key retail customers. With DI marketplace activation tools, winning sales strategies become winning marketplace results.


Activate > Our Insights

Decision Insight keenly understands that the fundamental measure of your success is the results gained from the specific actions you take. In a word: Activation.

At DI, our focus on successful activation truly informs our daily work. Efficient project execution and research excellence is a given, but we know you need more. Our work needs to directly connect to your business strategies. Which means we’ll always do our due diligence to understand a project’s larger business context.

And, after project completion, we specifically inquire how research affected real world action. After all, when you win, we win.