Flavor Analysis (TURF+)

What is the “Perfect Variety” of Flavors?

Whether it’s a line extension or rationalization, understanding the optimal set of flavors to include in your product line can be challenging. The right research approach is needed to determine the best offering and maximize sales.

Decision Insight’s Flavor Analysis answers three key questions:

  • What current flavors must remain in the line?
  • What current flavors could be discontinued?
  • What new flavors should be added to the line?

To answer these questions, most researchers recommend TURF analysis, but this is not always the best solution. The biggest flaw with TURF is that, for many brands, “reach” is maximized with only a handful of the top selling varieties – thus, improving reach can often be an unrealistic goal. Reach, by itself, is not a viable metric. We also need to know: How will each variety impact the volume of units shoppers purchase? How will the addition or removal of a certain flavor impact consumer loyalty?

Decision Insight has created an alternative approach to flavor optimization that supports reach measures with rich volume and loyalty/passion measures. DI’s proprietary Flavor Analysis methodology uses advanced analytics to efficiently evaluate hundreds of existing and proposed flavors to determine the optimal line configuration.

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 Flavor Analysis
Decision Insight’s Flavor Analysis narrows risk and provides go-to-market confidence. Read more in our article, “Passion, Volume and the Grateful Dead.