Simulating Online Order Experiences to Test Strategies that will Maximize Sales

While it’s important that consumers enjoy using your restaurant’s website, how can you optimize your digital strategies to grow sales? Decision Insight’s DiningIQ-Digital research solution, based on measuring actual behavior – not just attitudinal measures such as usability and appeal – allows you to accomplish both.

By exposing respondents to a simulated restaurant website or app, and allowing them to order from the online menu just as they would in real life, what-if strategies can be tested to see how they impact performance. Our proprietary platform allows restauranteurs to test new product introductions, featured product messaging, pricing changes, deals, new offers and bundles, and limited-time offers.

DiningIQ-Digital is an effective and proven tool to measure online ordering. Output from the research includes measures on:

  • Menu Item Reach (% of consumers who order each item)
  • Product Mix (share of items across menu)
  • Average Ticket Price

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DiningIQ Solutions

DiningIQ Solutions

DiningIQ is our proprietary suite of virtual restaurant research solutions. During DI’s 30+ years of restaurant research, we have seen a multitude of factors that affect how and what customers order. Ultimately that impact is manifested in product mix (proportion of orders across menu items) and average ticket price.

Strategies for Food Service

There are three primary strategies to growing sales in the restaurant world: 1) Attracting new customers, 2) Enticing current customers to visit more often and 3) Motivating current customers to spend more during each visit.

Best-in-Class Restaurant Research

While traditional research can address new and repeat business, a DiningIQ menu-order exercise also measures behavior to gauge the effectiveness of strategies on average ticket price.

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