Digital Path to Purchase

Mapping a Dynamic Path to Purchase

eCommerce has evolved greatly in the last few years and these profound changes have influenced the way shoppers buy products not only online but also in the store. Clearly the new purchase pathway is much more fragmented than the old model based solely on brick & mortar. The Path to Purchase is dynamic by consumer, by retailer, and by category. With today’s consumers deftly switching between online and physical shopping, new research is needed to better understand how factors like trip mission, occasions for use and need states influence the path to purchase.

Behaviorally-Based Solutions from DI

Traditional segmentation-based research methods fall short by focusing heavily on attitudes. Decision Insight’s approach was developed with a pointed focus on shopper behavior: Paramount is how the shopping journey varies by need, occasion, retailer and touchpoint.

By uncovering the specific elements that influence consumers’ decision processes, then mapping the behavioral paths-to-purchase, we identify:

  • The driving factors that influence the shopper’s decision process
  • How shoppers make purchase decisions – what path is revealed?
  • Need-specific messaging by category and channel that can impact the buying process

By identifying shoppers’ decision processes and mapping their behavioral paths-to-purchase, Decision Insight identifies strategic interception points and messaging with the highest impact. This proprietary process leads to activation with the ability to significantly influence purchase behavior through optimized messaging across all communication channels.

How is eCommerce affecting your brand’s path to purchase? Click here to learn more.
 Digital Path to Purchase  Digital Path to Purchase

Digital.IQ Proprietary Solutions

Now shoppers have the freedom to move back and forth between physical and digital retailers. Our suite of online shopping research solutions tests across all channels, including eCommerce.

Best-In-Class Research

Testing eCommerce strategies with shoppers in a controlled environment provides an understanding of what shoppers See, Think, and Do – with predictive sales results that lead to implementation and going to market with confidence.

Digital Success

By understanding what the online shopper needs, we can translate shopper insights into eCommerce action.