Retailers and CPGs alike are frustrated with the lack of real-world success stories in developing winning strategies – let alone reliable tactics – for the eCommerce marketplace.

But there is good news. Every day, the disruption that is the eCommerce/Digital/Online world presents manufacturers with growth opportunities like none witnessed in the last 100 years of traditional retail. Opportunities such as curated product sets, collaborative multi-brand communications, and reimagined shopping experiences (that create real shopper excitement that not just meet, but truly exceed shopper expectations), are just a few of the possibilities.

Decision Insight developed a proprietary eCommerce Test & Learn platform to test digital strategies wherever you are in the process:

  • Define Your Category: Digital Consumer Decision Trees provide a foundational definition of the category for eCommerce, where category definitions are not necessarily defined by a product’s physical characteristics as they are in Brick & Mortar.
  • Design Strategies and Tactics: Our Virtual eCommerce Test & Learn Platform clearly identifies which digital strategy performs best and how to improve future offers.
  • Discover Shopper Behavior: DI’s dynamic Digital Path to Purchase research provides an understanding of how factors like trip mission, occasions for use, and need states influence the purchase decision.

The restaurant industry has also seen huge growth with online ordering. DiningIQ-Digital simulates online menus to study the effect of new strategies to optimize product mix and increase basket size.

The key component of DI’s approach is a simulated eCommerce experience where participants interact just as they would in real life. This approach also provides the added value of rich diagnostics to understand the specific elements that drive success and those that can be improved.

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 Digital.IQ Proprietary Solutions

Digital.IQ Proprietary Solutions

Now shoppers have the freedom to move back and forth between physical and digital retailers. Our suite of online shopping research solutions tests across all channels, including eCommerce.

Best-In-Class Research

Testing eCommerce strategies with shoppers in a controlled environment provides an understanding of what shoppers See, Think, and Do – with predictive sales results that lead to implementation and going to market with confidence.

Digital Success

By understanding what the online shopper needs, we can translate shopper insights into eCommerce action.