Understand the Whys behind Shopper Behavior

Decision Insight’s suite of online diagnostics was developed to enhance our ShopperIQ virtual shopping studies. While ShopperIQ predicts What will happen at retail – that is, the impact on Sales – these diagnostics help reveal the Whys behind those purchase decisions and assist in optimizing the product offering.

The DI Diagnostic suite includes:

  • Findability: How easy is it for shoppers to find your product on the shelf? Will the new product, packaging, or merchandising impact shelf presence?
  • Hot Spot Analysis: Do each of the packaging elements communicate key product characteristics? What elements need revising and why?
  • Eye Tracking with Webcams: What do shoppers actually see and engage with? Where is their eye flow?
  • Heat Maps: Will the new product location or arrangement strategy impact how consumers interact with the aisle?
  • Virtual Ethnography: Dig deeper with respondents through real-time qualitative, one-on-one intercepts with shoppers participating in a custom online quantitative study.
  • Emotional Connections: Measure subconscious emotional associations vs. stated measures to learn: What type and strength of emotion are consumers experiencing when engaging with your products?

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