TABS Analytics & Decision Insight White Paper Series

Importance of Pricing for Shoppers & Retailers

Why Do Most CPG Companies Struggle with Pricing? 

Changing price can be the quickest way to increase your bottom line, but there are risks to how shoppers and retailers will react. 

Decision Insight and TABS Analytics will show you a process that ensures you have the best information available to make optimal pricing decisions. And, by demonstrating the change will be positive for the category and not hurt private label, you can use this research to demonstrate the benefits to retailers and overcome their objections and concerns about "taking price."

How can this white paper help you make better pricing decisions for your consumers and retailers? 

Decision Insight and TABS Analytics have partnered on this pricing white paper to lay out the steps needed to understand pricing from both a shopper and retailer perspective, and why both are critical to fully understand.

We'll cover key topics like: 

  • The importance of price elasticity and developing a modeling/analytics process that captures price correctly 
  • How virtual shopping and conjoint analysis can predict shopper behavior at shelf/in the store
  • How to bring together advanced analytics and virtual shopping to validate pricing strategies and tactics.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Leslie Downie.


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