Category Management

Research methodologies to address category management issues

Category Management is one of the most successful business processes developed in the past century – used in one form or another by most manufacturers and retailers within the industry.

Defining the category is the first step in the category management process. In the brick & mortar channel, category definition is largely driven by where retailers place products within the store. For example, orange juice is in the refrigerated section, eggs are in dairy, cereal in center store, and waffles are in frozen. Category definitions have traditionally been created based on the physical limitations of the retail store environment.

The Category Management process is different online, where the physical limitations of the store are removed and shoppers have a different set of priorities. Category and Shopper strategies need to be customized for the eCommerce channel.

Our client solutions team knows shopper insights and its application to category management to create breakthrough retail solutions, whether brick & mortar or eCommerce. With an ever-changing shopper and consumer, being able to look forward and be predictive vs. reactive is critical for success. Key CatMan research solutions include:

 Category Management
ShopperIQ Proprietary Solutions

ShopperIQ Proprietary Solutions

ShopperIQ, Decision Insight’s proprietary suite of virtual shopping research solutions, provides the go-to-market confidence required in today’s competitive retail world.

Best-In-Class Research

Our best-in-class research and insights specialists reliably transform consumer insights into successful retail solutions. By testing alternative in-store initiatives in the context of an actual store environment with a full category assortment, we are able to measure sales impact – and the important “whys” behind the sales activity.

Cost Effective

Making the case for retailer implementation and going to market with confidence has never been easier, faster or more cost effective. And, DI ShopperIQ results correlate to in-market data at 90% or better.