Brand Insights

Research methodologies to address the needs of brands

There is revolutionary change in today’s retail landscape. Brand Insights are needed to provide a deep understanding of your Shopper and to optimize marketing strategies before launch.  As researchers and strategic advisors to a variety of brands and categories, we are highly vested in understanding the changing Shopper and the impact on retail in both Brick & Mortar and Digital.

At Decision Insight, we’ve been testing and optimizing the “Four Ps” for over 30 years, keeping up with the pace of retail and the changing shopper. Our ShopperIQ and Digital.IQ virtual research solutions deliver confidence in product development, packaging, pricing strategies, POS and merchandising, and where products should be placed within the store, aisle, shelf, and grid. Our Virtual Shopping studies are mobile-compatible, enabling us to reach shoppers wherever they are – PC, smartphone, and tablet.

Whether developing Brick & Mortar or Digital strategies, our Client Solutions team can quickly and economically test your best marketing ideas to better understand which levers best optimize sales before going to market.

  • Product – Test new Package designs and messaging in the context of the retail environment.
  • Price – How Pricing is presented is often a key factor in converting sales – particularly in the online environment.
  • Promotion – Test POS and Merchandising strategies and customize by retailer for both in-store and eCommerce channels.
  • Place – Test all of the above strategies to engage the shopper in both Brick & Mortar and eCommerce.
 Brand Insights
ShopperIQ Proprietary Solutions

ShopperIQ Proprietary Solutions

ShopperIQ, Decision Insight’s proprietary suite of virtual shopping research solutions, provides the go-to-market confidence required in today’s competitive retail world.

Best-In-Class Research

Our best-in-class research and insights specialists reliably transform consumer insights into successful retail solutions. By testing alternative in-store initiatives in the context of an actual store environment with a full category assortment, we are able to measure sales impact – and the important “whys” behind the sales activity.

Cost Effective

Making the case for retailer implementation and going to market with confidence has never been easier, faster or more cost effective. And, DI ShopperIQ results correlate to in-market data at 90% or better.