WHAT’S NEXT in Influencing Shoppers

WHAT'S NEXT in Influencing Shoppers


Harmonizing in-store and eComm data to grow sales across channels

As CPG companies face continued post-pandemic uncertainty, retailers and manufacturers are carefully deciding the best ways to understand and capitalize on the new online shopping behaviors that customers are exhibiting. 

Realizing the need to understand these new behaviors, Decision Insight developed a two-tiered shopper marketing platform that combines our Digital.IQ™ custom shopper research with TABS’s data analytics expertise, to better understand what shoppers are doing and why. This combination of information also helps us forecast consumer response to future shopper marketing changes. 

Tier 1: Data Analytics - Delivering the WHAT

eCommerce is a powerful growth driver for CPGs. Shopper behavior is constantly evolving, and the current popularity of eCommerce signifies the need to monitor cross-platform shopping behavior better. 

So, what is really happening? Our sister company, TABS Analytics, synthesizes online data with syndicated brick and mortar data, creating a custom, blended database to provide a 360-degree shopper view, which is integral to better understanding growth and improvement areas. Possessing a well-rounded knowledge of consumer behavior is essential to developing data analytics for future cross-channel shopper marketing strategies. 

Tier 2: Shopper Insights - Delivering the WHY

Digital.IQ tests and evaluates future shopper marketing online strategies to predict their impact on sales and shopper perceptions. Results combine custom research diagnostics and advanced analytics to optimize the impact of shoppers’ purchase behavior.

Decision Insight’s virtual shopping research platform simulates an online environment that can help predict marketing strategies’ effects on a brand’s bottom line. This Test & Learn approach also answers the “Why” through in-depth, follow-up diagnostics with shoppers.

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