Virtual Shopping 101: What People Say Is Not What People Do

Webinar on 3.16.21 | What People Say Is Not What People Do


Virtual Shopping 101 Webinar Coming Up!

Need to optimize product packaging, placement, promotions or pricing strategies? Learn how virtual shopping research can be used to inform these decisions and give you the confidence you need when going to market.

Virtual shopping's strong correlation is well documented and can be used to accurately predict in-market sales. That's because it measures shopper behavior in the context of a retail environment instead of simply asking consumers what they like. Because we know that what people say is not always what they do

Want to learn more?

Join the March 16th webinar with Alex Sodek, Decision Insight's Chief Research Officer. He will address all of your burning questions about virtual shopping research supported with real-world examples. 


This webinar will cover questions such as:

  • How does virtual shopping work?
  • How is virtual shopping different from other forms of market research?
  • What is different about virtual research for brick & mortar vs. eCommerce?

If you can't attend live, no problem - all registrants who sign up will have access to the recording after the event.

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