Product – Part 4 of the 4Ps Makeover

In this series of articles, we examine the “Four Ps” (Price, Promotion, Place, and now Product, the building blocks of marketing) and their relevancy in today’s Digital world.

 In traditional retail, a product has the advantages of placement and context – not to mention multiple shelf facings and endcap displays. Online it’s the product image – a single photograph – that must catch the shopper’s attention. This single image is expected to clearly communicate the product’s most attractive attributes – from features and benefits to sizes and efficacy.

With online shopping, choosing the right product image for display is crucial. Considering many are buying directly from the category page, this image must instantly convince shoppers that your product will best fit their needs. The reality: This online image is not just important, it’s a requirement for survival.

As an example, take Snack Bars. In online search results, products are presented in various sizes and packages. An image of a single snack bar may represent a 6-pack or a 12-pack. It’s important that product images and product descriptions quickly convey the true size and form of the product. If not, the result may be loss of sales and shopper dissatisfaction.

At Decision Insight, we’ve been testing and optimizing the Four Ps for over 30 years. Our virtual research solutions deliver confidence in product development, packaging, POS and merchandising, while determining how products should be priced within context to SKUs, package size, bundles, and adjacencies — for brick & mortar and online channels.

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