Playing with Packaging can be a Dangerous Game

One thing your agency or design firm may not tell you is that when changing packaging there is a potential to do more harm than good. The first thing a new brand manager does is change the packaging. This is usually based on tracking studies suggesting that the current product is perceived as weak on key elements such as “taste” or “health.” Then, after a lengthy review process, two or three new designs are chosen internally. But, playing with packaging can be a dangerous game.

It can be tough to stand out on the shelf.

Unfortunately, many new designs do not take into account the list of responsibilities that the package must have to be effective at the shelf:

  • Break through the clutter
  • Communicate benefits
  • Enhance product image and appeal
  • Easy to use and store

The single most important thing to do when developing new packaging is to test it on the shelf in the context of a full competitive set, and virtual shopping is the most effective way to do that. To hear more, give us a call or click here.