Overheard at Shopper Insights

Great stories shared at the Shopper Insights conference! We heard many interesting insights during sessions and networking events. We thought we’d pass along a few:

“It will be difficult to compete with Private Label on formulation alone but manufacturers can succeed by innovating to create new conveniences and occasion-based differentiation.” -- Vik Sarma, Director of Global Insights from Clorox

“Horizontal layout is optimal if you want people to appreciate variety, such as flavors; Vertical is better when the goal is to choose just one product, such as price or size.”  --Barbara Kahn, Professor of Marketing at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“eCommerce sales are a small share of overall sales but high growth, especially among Millennials” – Ravi Dhar, Professor of Management & Marketing at Yale

“57% of what Amazon sells is not available anywhere else” -- Robin Hafitz, CEO of Open Mind Strategy

 Cathy & Leslie