Holiday Shopper Insights

Omnichannel is about true continuity of experience. To be “Omni” is to perceive all things. And, in order for a shopper to perceive “everything,” it’s important to give them the ability and tools help guide the creation and context of their shopping experience.

Your Attention Please

The most important thing for retailers has traditionally been foot traffic – getting shoppers into the retail store. Of course today shopping happens most anywhere – in stores, on the web, and on the web while in stores. According to Google Insights, 4 in 5 shoppers with smartphones used their phones while doing other activities last year. Attention is always at a premium, and retailers need to be present when and where shoppers are shopping.

It’s Not a Phone, It’s a Remote Control for Life

As shoppers look for the perfect gift – whether for the holidays, birthdays or other special occasions – there's no one perfect way to reach them. The one common denominator is mobile. It lets marketers be everywhere in every moment. And for millennial shoppers, a mobile device is not just a phone, it’s the “remote control” for their lives.

The Most Important Word in Marketing: Free

Shoppers want it to be easy to buy something no matter where they are. It’s increasingly important that retailers offer multiple ways to buy a product – from buying online to picking up in-store. When they do buy online, shoppers want free shipping – according to Google, this was the promotion that shoppers used most last holiday season, even more than discounts or coupons.

Clearly, the Opportunity is Huge

The online marketplace is clearly different from brick-and-mortar stores and requires unique digital strategies. Do you have a digital retail plan in place for 2017 and beyond? If not, now is the time – and DI can test and optimize your solutions pre-launch.

Just as marketing efforts need to be adapted to eTail, so does the research approach. Decision Insight developed Digital.IQ, our eTail research platform, to clearly identify which digital strategies perform best and how to continue to improve future offers. We utilize rich diagnostics to understand the specific elements that drive success – and the elements that can be further improved.

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