Dreamers Should Dream Big in Digital, Forge a Future Tempered with Experience

Leslie Sarasin, president and CEO of the Food Marketing Institute, in her keynote during the winter FMI conference had a challenge to the audience that the team at Decision Insight found quite inspiring. As quoted by SmartBrief, Sarasin opined:

“This is when we must dare to dream and to dream big. And if we find we can’t, we should hire the dreamers and listen to them, tempering their visions with our experience and together forging a future worth having.”

Sarasin was referencing the wide-open opportunity that is the online marketplace. Like many fresh opportunities, the upside requires a break from business as usual, a fair amount of risk – and comes with no proven road map. There will certainly be wrong turns made along the journey, but stasis is certain death.

A generation ago many placed bets on AOL as the ideal online model. AOL was neat and organized – a stable pillar in an unruly internet frontier. But the internet consumer would not be boxed in. The internet resists boxing, and consumers, when seeing better price or choice options, tend to prefer exploring outside the box.

At the same FMI conference, Benno Dorer, chairman and CEO of The Clorox Company said, “This is not a technology discussion, this has to be a discussion about the consumer experience. We have to test and learn because I don’t think anyone in this room has the answer.”

In other words, dreaming big is great, but it might be a good idea to test your dream strategies! At Decision Insight we couldn’t agree more. In fact, we’ve expanded our innovative shopper research suite – including ShopperIQ – with Digital.IQ. Our Digital.IQ Test and Learn platform re-imagines the eCommerce experience, a retail world without physical limitations, and lets our clients ask, “What if...?"

What if we altered the product hierarchy or changed the way users navigate the site? What if we revised the messaging online, or featured non-traditional product bundles, or explored new pricing strategies?

The Digital.IQ Test and Learn platform allows us to understand how these actions impact what shoppers see online, what shoppers think about the experience and most important, what shoppers BUY… all without risk of alienating current users or implementing a strategy that could damage sales.

Our aim? To help create a true shopper-centric vehicle and approach that brings retailers and suppliers together to better craft the online shopper experience. This is our opportunity to engage and act, because those not shaping the future will get shaped by it.

Read more about Digital.IQ here, and contact Leslie Downie to request a demo or meet with our team.