Does Your Retail Sales Strategy Truly “Click”?

The OmniShopper has changed retail forever: Successful Go-To-Market Strategy Platforms must now include the eCommerce “click” channel.

During my years in category management and sales, I was involved in a significant amount of consumer and shopper research within the Brick & Mortar world. Participation in several industry share groups with leading manufacturers allowed me to see that many spend millions of dollars gathering data and insights, yet still struggle to pull it all together. I saw three critical issues:

  1. Lack of an Insight Library to store and reference past work.
  2. Lack of a cohesive Selling Platform to ensure consistent communication to customers.
  3. Internal teams lacked knowledge of what Insights and Operational Marketing practices were available to them (for use in making both internal and external decisions).

Today, I believe the most effective way to address the three issues is the development and optimization of an integrated Go-To-Market Strategy Platform (GTMSP). Your first reaction may be, “Fine, we already have a Go-to-Market platform.” And, maybe that’s true, but before moving on, stop and ask yourself an important question: Does my company’s platform embrace the eCommerce channel? If your answer is no, please stop and reconsider your GTMSP. An uncomfortable truth has emerged: Brick & Mortar Strategies & Tactical Initiatives rarely perform well in the World of eCommerce!

Decision Insight has the experience and proven ability to help build effective, impactful Go-To-Market Strategy Platforms – that also incorporate eCommerceContact us to learn more.

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Craig BW

Craig Hodnett, CPSA, is SVP of Client Solutions.
He can be reached via email or call (706) 416-0039.