Does Your Packaging Need A Makeover?

There’s an ongoing joke in the Tina Fey movie “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” where her character, who plays a reporter in Afghanistan, refers to the “4-10-4” attractiveness scale. Explaining this on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” she says, “When you go to a place with very few women you suddenly become super attractive. You’re a 4 at home and you ship out, you become a 10, and then you go home and you’re a 4 again.”

Ironically, the same thing happens with product packaging. Often new product packaging concepts look their best when first presented for review by the graphic design agency in a stark conference room.

And why wouldn’t it? The freshly-minted packaging art is the brightest thing in the room. It is unique and it is new. The colors are ultra-vivid. The type is immaculate. This design, this package, it is a thing of beauty.

But It is not real. A conference room is not a grocery store shelf-lineup, an unfriendly place where your drop-dead-beautiful-this-can’t-be-beat package is surrounded – standing shoulder to shoulder with dozens of its competitors, some shouting, some whispering, the same confident yet haunting retail chant: “Pick me, pick me!”

We all know changing a package design can be risky. If you’re uncertain whether your packaging is in need of an update, a shift, or a complete makeover, Decision Insight can help. Our Packaging Audit process takes the guesswork out of package design. It provides context and quantifiable feedback – telling you what consumers like and don’t like, notice or don’t notice, and might buy, will buy or won’t buy.

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