Each year, the journey begins. 2015: begins as a New Year; begins with a New Start. The only thing for certain: Change.

Time marches on, and suddenly it’s March 2015: The fresh year has elapsed by 20%, then 25%. Is your business meeting the goals laid out in January? Is your vision becoming a reality?

For shopper insights and retail strategy development, Decision Insight works with clients to Discover, Create, Validate, and Activate solutions that enable success in today’s competitive marketplace.

We believe successful journeys begin with clearly defined destinations. The DI team begins with a critical review of where a client has been and where they want to go. Diversity of skills, experience, and expertise is core to DI. Services include insight synthesis, cross-functional interviews, and category growth roadmaps.We staff our client engagement teams with professional diversity. The result is multiple perspectives from seasoned practitioners.

Our team works together to think through problems creatively – never afraid to challenge the status quo and discover new solutions. Always willing to craft a custom solution to meet your organization’s specific needs.

The journey continues: 2015. Discover differently. Discover DI.