Decision Insight Inaugurates HQ with New Logo and Sign

Kansas City-based research and shopper strategy firm Decision Insight put the final touches on our new headquarters recently with the installation of our all-new logo signage. The 16,000 sf new headquarters for DI is equipped with video conferencing, WiFi, off street parking and plenty of space for today and the firm's future growth. When asked about the development, President and CEO Cathy Allin said:

"After 30 years, Decision Insight has finally settled into its own home, properly appointed on Main Street - and just outside of downtown. We're very excited to be here and part of the innovations happening in Kansas City. I'm personally very excited to be able to provide a work environment for Decision Insight that really includes the combination of creative workspaces, a much needed expansion for us in our growth, as well as that small company feel as we continue to prosper."

Allin is also pleased to have DI headquarters in the Midwest, with central access for existing and potential clients across the United States.

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