Are the 4Ps still Relevant? First Up: Place

There is revolutionary change in today’s retail landscape. Various thought leaders have expressed equally varied points of view regarding the future of shopping. As researchers and strategic advisors to a variety of brands and businesses, Decision Insight is highly vested in understanding the changing shopper, the impact on retail – and providing guidance to optimize for future opportunities, especially in relation to eCommerce, mobile and technology.

In this series of blogs, we’ll examine the building blocks of marketing - Price, Product, Promotion and Place, the “Four Ps” - and their relevancy in the Internet Era. We believe it’s not the concept of the Four Ps that’s lacking, it’s the definition of each of that may need expansion. The four Ps may even be more relevant today than they were when conceived – nearly six decades ago. First up… Place! This is arguably the most disruptive P and is making a significant impact on the rest of the Ps.

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