Aisle Arrangement Close-Up: Vitamins and Supplements

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Lives are busy. Universally, shoppers want easy navigation in the aisle, the ability to find the products they want with ease, and an opportunity to explore new products through intuitive adjacencies. The optimal aisle arrangement is one that is intuitive to the shopper and thereby eases the shopping experience. For shoppers, more aisle time = less life time.

When Shopper Wins, Manufacturer and Retailer Win

In the Vitamin and Supplement category, aisle organization and arrangements are diverse and inconsistent across retailers and channels. With new products and innovations regularly entering the category, this lack of consistency at retail may threaten sales growth due to poor visibility and shelf communication.

For a Vitamin & Supplement manufacturer, key questions may include:

  • How should products be grouped (brand, type, health goal, etc.)?
  • What product adjacencies make sense to shoppers?
  • What flow/arrangement of products do shoppers prefer?
  • Are there products that don’t belong in the aisle?

Sports Nutrition might be grouped in a vertical block. Weight Support and Herbals too. Everyday Products, like Multivitamins, Letter Vitamins, and Minerals, might be grouped together for convenience. And even within alpha groupings, vitamins could be A-Z sorted by brand or intermixed.

The overall outcome needs to be a win/win/win: Improving the shopping experience for the shopper, increasing sales for the manufacturer, and maximizing category sales for retailers. DI’s Aisle Builder research provides specific guidance for planogram development that meets these objectives and more.

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