Using SKU Rationalization for Better Product Management

Many in-store categories suffer from SKU proliferation, usually as a result of line extensions, new packaging alternatives, or just a host of new players entering a category. It’s clear that having too many choices in the aisle debilitates the shopping experience – and has a negative effect on sales. Having the right product assortment on the shelf makes it easier for shoppers to find the items they want, enhances loyalty to the retailer, and ultimately, improves profitability.

Testing alternative assortment strategies and ranking their effectiveness at retail – using Decision Insight’s validated ShopperIQ-Assortment research – makes a compelling case for activation at retail. Our approach, incorporating virtual shopping with proprietary diagnostic tools like Findability, determines the economic impact of each scenario and identifies the in-store assortment that maximizes sales and visibility.

Decision Insight’s ShopperIQ-Assortment solution is an effective tool to:

  • Test alternative assortment strategies prior to implementation
  • Convince retailers not to de-list your brand
  • Verify market structure/consumer decision tree work

If you need to develop effective assortment solutions, or need help creating alternative assortments to test, DI’s shopper experts can help. Click here, tell us a little more, and we’ll get right back to you.

To help answer the question, “How do I provide the Innovation shoppers want without eliminating the base products they still buy?“, you also may be interested in our article, “Urban Assault on Aisle Assortment“.

ShopperIQ Proprietary Solutions

ShopperIQ, Decision Insight’s proprietary suite of virtual shopping research solutions, provides the go-to-market confidence required in today’s competitive retail world.

Best-In-Class Research

Our best-in-class research and insights specialists reliably transform consumer insights into successful retail solutions. By testing alternative in-store initiatives in the context of an actual store environment with a full category assortment, we are able to measure sales impact – and the important “whys” behind the sales activity.

Cost Effective

Making the case for retailer implementation and going to market with confidence has never been easier, faster or more cost effective. And, DI ShopperIQ results correlate to in-market data at 90% or better.