Aisle Creation

Is There a Better Way to Organize the Aisle?

Increase shoppability – and sales – with the right order and arrangement of subcategories within your aisle. A ShopperIQ-Aisle Creation study creates alternative aisle arrangement solutions informed by shopper-driven research tools. Using a rigorous quantitative aisle-builder approach, along with qualitative consumer input, we provide direction not only on “What” arrangement shoppers prefer, but on the “Whys” behind their preferences.

Decision Insight’s proprietary Aisle Creation approach addresses:

  • Which categories should be in the aisle? And, which categories don’t belong?
  • How would shoppers themselves arrange the aisle?
  • What subcategories should be adjacent to one another? Which categories should lead the aisle?

By understanding the shopper-preferred flow, DI strategically develops a set of potential aisle arrangement solutions driven by what makes the shopping experience easiest for the shopper. The potential solutions are then tested in a proprietary virtual shopping study to effectively understand which strategy maximizes sales for the manufacturer and the retailer.

Decision Insight’s Aisle Creation solution provides clients the valuable shopper-driven input they need most to create optimal aisle arrangements. Click here to get more info from one of our experts.

Read more about aisle flow in our article, “Increase Sales at the Shelf: Phase 2, Aisle Flow



ShopperIQ Proprietary Solutions

ShopperIQ, Decision Insight’s proprietary suite of virtual shopping research solutions, provides the go-to-market confidence required in today’s competitive retail world.

Best-In-Class Research

Our best-in-class research and insights specialists reliably transform consumer insights into successful retail solutions. By testing alternative in-store initiatives in the context of an actual store environment with a full category assortment, we are able to measure sales impact – and the important “whys” behind the sales activity.

Cost Effective

Making the case for retailer implementation and going to market with confidence has never been easier, faster or more cost effective. And, DI ShopperIQ results correlate to in-market data at 90% or better.