DI research and insight specialists roll up their sleeves and dissect the chosen consumer mile-markers along the path to purchase. All within budget, all at the speed of retail. In short: We’ve got this, and we do it well.

We build. We refine. We recruit. We test. We observe. We discover. We measure. We report. We validate. Our entire suite of ShopperIQ research tools – including virtual retail shopping – are designed to provide the go-to-market confidence level required in today’s competitive retail world.

Decision Insight has a rich toolbox of proven methodologies from which to choose. And our staff of tenured industry professionals works with clients to precisely create the most cost-effective program to gain the insights needed to succeed in-market.

We create controlled experiments using realistic store environments to provide our clients predictive analytic insights that enable success in the marketplace. Measuring the impact of retail strategies in the context of the retail environment is key to our success.

A few of the ShopperIQ tools we regularly use to validate:

From new product development to brand extensions and maximizing category sales, DI has the tools to test and validate market tactics and the skilled consumer behavioral insight professionals to reliably interpret the gained results.

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