ShopperIQ® solutions are powered by our award-winning, validated virtual shopping methodology

Our experience is that traditional research techniques focus on stated attitudes and opinions. The problem is that these stated measures do not translate into actual sales. So, a decade ago Decision Insight was the first to develop a tool that measures shopping behavior online. Our virtual shopping measures actual behavior by testing alternative Shopper Marketing initiatives in the context of an actual shopping experience, including the full competitive set.

For companies with a portfolio of brands and products, it is critical to understand the impact of a strategy not only on an individual SKU… but also on the full brand, the full corporate portfolio, and even the entire product category. The only way to do that is to include those components in the research – and the best way to do that is to create the full shopping environment.

Finally, we know that different channels and different retailers within a channel drive varying consumer expectations. For example, what works in Kroger may not work in Walmart, what works in 7-Eleven may not work in Target, etc. We can create the virtual environment in the context of a specific store, allowing you to get true shopper insights.

Decision Insight has validation that it works! In category after category, we have correlated to brand share at .90 or better. Named by the Path to Purchase Institute as the “purest research house among virtual shopping suppliers,” we have shown our virtual shopping method is superior to traditional approaches.

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