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How Do I Know If My Packaging is Effective?

Packaging is a critical communications lever and an important billboard for your brand. Effective packaging should communicate your brand’s benefits and, most importantly, generate sales.

Changing a package design can be risky… in fact there is great potential to do more harm than good. To know how effective a new package will be at retail, it is crucial to evaluate it in the context of a full competitive set.

Most research ignores the fact that environment and competitive set impact what consumers buy. Decision Insight’s virtual packaging solution was developed to take into account the context of store environment – and our validated methodology is proven to accurately represent in-store performance. Combined with DI’s proprietary diagnostic tools, our clients are provided a complete perspective of new packaging implications. This includes strategic guidance on potential risks and objective recommendations to improve sales performance through research-informed packaging decisions.

An effective package must perform well on several measures. Understanding impact on Sales is the most important factor in our packaging research hierarchy:

     #1: Sales – Must generate sales in the marketplace

     #2: Shelf Presence – Must break through clutter and be easily found on the shelf

     #3: Messaging & Brand Equity – Must enhance brand messaging

     #4: Aesthetic Appeal – Finally, it must have consumer aesthetic appeal

To learn more about DI’s unique approach to optimizing packaging, click here and one of our packaging experts will be happy to assist.

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