Virtual Conjoint™ Enables Game-Changing Product Innovation

Settling for Fresh vs. New The consequences of product failure are so high, that truly “new” innovations have been replaced by strategies that settle for keeping the brand “fresh.” Product changes in many CPG categories often consist of little more than minor incremental product innovations – updated package graphics or minor branding adjustments. Because the changes […]


Craig Hodnett Shares How to Build a Best Practice CDT

In a 30+ year career working in category management and sales with Fortune 500 manufacturers, I’ve had the opportunity to build and use dozens of Consumer Decision Trees (CDTs). From strategically guiding retailers in assortment, aisle and shelf arrangement, to leading internal brand teams in exploring white space opportunities and exploring product innovation, those who […]


Passion, Volume and the Grateful Dead

Getting more from flavor than reach and frequency. In the 80′s, an ice cream fan in Maine left an idea for “Cherry Garcia” on a corkboard in her local scoop shop. “Flavor Gurus” at Ben & Jerry’s took the idea and ran with it, working to create a taste profile “good enough to bear Jerry’s […]