Measuring Consumer Behavior “In the Moment”

Capturing shopper behavior in the moment (whether it’s consumption, demand, or purchase), is often viewed as the research “holy grail” – the primary key to understanding decision-making along the shopper journey. When effectively captured, these real-time insights are invaluable to the development of effective brand and marketing strategies.

Mobile-powered research harnesses the power of immediacy and captures insights from respondents in real-time – without the dependence on often unreliable consumer recall. As the first online virtual shopping solution provider, Decision Insight has continued our legacy of innovation by applying mobile research technology in creative ways to address clients’ most important business needs.

Decision Insight’s proprietary MobileIQ™ shopper research solutions help clients measure decisions where decisions are actually made – at the shelf, and along the path to purchase.

Decision Insight MobileIQ solutions suite includes:

  • Mobile Diaries – Journaling and observing real-time purchase and/or consumption behavior patterns during the shopper journey.
  • Trip Drivers – Capture motivations for channel/retailer selection and category/brand selection behavior.
  • Channel Selection – Identify why a channel/retailer is (or is not) being selected
  • Merchandising/POS Awareness & Evaluation – Capture and understand what shoppers notice in the store – and what they like/dislike.

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