ShopperIQ | Merchandising

Understand Sales Impact Before Investing

With greater than ever pressure to generate sales in the marketplace, in-store merchandising often plays a critical role in your shopper marketing program. Effective merchandising increases visibility and brand presence for your product – and ultimately, increases sales. Decision Insight regularly helps clients optimize a wide variety of POP strategies including shelf signage (location and messaging); store navigation; secondary locations (including endcaps and special displays); and seasonal promotions.

Using Decision Insight’s ShopperIQ research suite, alternative in-store communication strategies may be effectively tested in a virtual shopping environment. Channel, retailer, and geographic region may also be layered into testing. Each scenario is evaluated for performance on three key measures: Sales, Stopping Power, and Key Message Communication.

Our proprietary research process also provides additional diagnostics to improve product presentation at retail.

Decision Insight’s ShopperIQ-Merchandising solution is an effective tool to understand:

  • How do alternative in-store communications impact sales?
  • Do shoppers take notice of the display(s)?
  • Which shopper segments are most motivated to purchase?
  • How can an offer be improved?

When shoppers’ needs are met, retailers win – resulting in category growth and shopper loyalty. Can DI help optimize your merchandising strategies for more impactful retail activation? To learn more, Click here and one of our experts will contact you.

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