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Break through the Clutter to Maximize Sales

Over years of restaurant research, DI has witnessed the influence of several factors on how and what customers order – including in-store merchandising. Messaging, placement, and imagery can have a tremendous impact on what diners order. The right signage and displays must reach beyond being appealing and getting noticed; they must influence the desired diner behavior – and increase average spend.

Decision Insight’s DiningIQ-Merchandising solution is based on measuring actual behavior – not just attitudinal measures such as noticeability and appeal. By exposing respondents to a simulated restaurant (in-store or drive-thru), where diners order just as they would in real life, greater understanding is gained about awarenss of alternative merchandising executions – and, how they impact the guest order.

DiningIQ-Merchandising is an effective and proven tool to answer:

  • How will various merchandising strategies impact mix of orders across the menu, and total ticket ring?
  • Which merchandising alternatives are most noticed? How does merchandising impact noticeability of key items across the menu?
  • What is the optimal theme and location for merchandising materials?
  • How does the merchandising impact overall brand equity?

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