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Influencing the Digital Path to Purchase

The ability to proactively influence consumers along the digital path to purchase makes your online presence a critical marketing tool. Whether the goal is to sell direct to the consumer, provide product information, or create customized offerings for important online retailers like, you need to maximize online performance.

Decision Insight’s Virtual eCommerce Testing Platform clearly identifies which digital strategy performs best and how to improve future offers. The key component of DI’s approach is a simulated eCommerce experience where participants interact just as they would in real life. This approach also provides the added value of rich diagnostics to understand the specific elements that drive success and those that can be improved.

Decision Insight’s Digital.IQ compares alternative eCommerce offerings based on:

What Consumers See

    • Did they notice your product or ad?
    • Are key messages being seen?

 What Consumers Think

    • What specific online elements do shoppers like or dislike? How do they impact brand perceptions?
    • Are key messages being understood?

 What Consumers Do

    • How do consumers engage with the site? What navigation path was clicked?
    • Most importantly, Do Consumers Buy?

Additional depth can be added by layering real-time qualitative interviews to untap attitudes and motivations behind the observed behaviors.

DI’s Digital.IQ research platform is ideally suited for testing Pricing, Promotions, Messaging, Layout, Product Assortment, Custom Offers, and more. You know what to do: Click here to learn more!

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