What does “Create” have to do with research? For many shopper research firms, often very little. But Decision Insight is much more than a shopper research firm. We consider our work to be a blend of art and science. From methodology and design to how we communicate results, DI engages consultatively throughout with your unique needs at the forefront – shaping methods, research design, and our communication.

Many suppliers provide narrow answers to specific questions. But isn’t your time better invested with a strategic partner who instinctively asks the right questions to generate new ideas and create value?

With DI, the conversation doesn’t start with a review of where we’ve been. The engagement is about our client and their unique challenges, not us. And despite our track record of technological innovation, experience tells us it’s never really about the technology, which must be subservient to the persuasive story we create together.

By engaging in this way, we deliver what you value most: Results.

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