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Which Aisle Arrangement Will Grow Sales & Improve Shoppability?

Effective aisle arrangement has a direct impact on your product’s sales and shelf presence. The right layout assists the shopper in shelf navigation and persuades the shopper to choose your product for their basket. Decision Insight’s approach incorporates virtual shopping with additional proprietary diagnostics like Findability to determine the potential impact on shelf presence – and most importantly, on sales – for each strategy. And, with Heat Map Analysis, we can also provide clients a visual representation of the effectiveness of each arrangement strategy.

Decision Insight’s ShopperIQ-Arrangement solution is a valuable tool to effectively:

  • Test alternative shelf configuration strategies prior to implementation
  • Verify market structure/consumer decision tree work
  • Convince retailers to activate the optimal arrangement

By evaluating consumers’ actual behavior in the context of a retail environment, DI clients better understand the potential impact on:

Sales: Will the new arrangements grow your brand? Grow the category?

Shelf Impact: Will your brand break through the competitive clutter effectively with a new configuration?

Shoppabilty: Do new configurations deliver a more satisfying shopping experience? Demonstrate potential to increase retailer loyalty?

Brand Equity: Do the new arrangements positively affect shopper perceptions of your brand?

Visualization: Visual depiction of consumer research effectively demonstrates the winning arrangement for retailers substantiating in-store activation!

ShopperIQ-Aisle Arrangement can lead your brand to successful in-store solutions that improve the overall shopper experience while increasing sales for your brand – and for the overall category. Click here and tell us a little more and one of our experts will get right back to you.

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